It has no additional RGB accents; how much faster could it be?

You’ve already garnered a rich discussion that is largely beyond my ken, but perhaps dgraph could work for you?


My first thought was: “Surely this is possible with a delay timer.” Tried, researched a bit, nope. Thanks for the solution.

That's too bad about the org transfer--hope it works out soon.

I've been following the on-device scanning fiasco (mostly on Ars: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20) and it may finally be what it takes for me to ditch iPhones. Good alternatives are rare.

This part of your linked article is one of the most insightful observations I've read on the topic in a while:

"Today, we extend ourselves with technology. Not owning and controlling these aspects of ourselves is a violation of our personhood."

@aral Did I miss something? Is Better going away? What did Apple do to make things difficult this time?

The Allen Institute’s ethics AI, Delphi (delphi.allenai.org), is quite interesting and would make a fun addition to most drinking games. I was sad to learn how terribly, terribly wrong it could be, though.


Oh wow, that native-land.ca map is amazing. Now I'm compulsively looking up all the places I've lived.


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